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CEO, Digital Marketing Agency:

"We have set out on an ambitious course to achieve significant growth over the next three years, so I engaged Damian to work with me and the rest of the team on a number of initiatives. 

One of those was to bring some serious tension and focus to our business plan, which Damian over exceeded expectations on. He was extremely quick to grasp the challenges we faced in achieving our goals and has been able to challenge our strategic thinking in a highly effective way. 

As a result our business plan is far more robust and importantly measurable than it was before which has enabled me to make more informed and qualified decisions on the matters that will most affect our current and future performance.

The second area Damian was asked to work with us on was implementing a framework for our leadership skills, which would enable our managers to be far more effective and consistent whilst empowering the talent in the business to thrive and grow.

Through a series of very engaging and interactive workshops, Damian again exceeded not only my own expectations but also that of our management team.

One of my most experienced managers shared with me that it was “the best training she had ever had”.

Having worked with a number of different advisers in the past ten years I can say with confidence that Damian provides genuine expertise and certainly my business is very much better off for it."


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