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  • I can wholeheartedly recommend hiring Damian who is a consummate professional and epitomises coaching and consulting excellence.


  • I found the Situational Leadership course extremely well-constructed and exceptionally well delivered and I am eager to implement the tools that I have gained over the last two days. I am equally enthusiastic to carry on learning and growing within the Group.


  • As an Executive Coach, Damian has been invaluable. So much so, I recently invited him to join our Board as a Non- Executive Director. His commercial, leadership and coaching experience and skills are deep and applied in an engaging way. His style is hugely supportive, whilst not suffering fools gladly. He also consistently delivers beyond the realms of the brief. 

  • Excellent people management and communications skills, being of singular integrity and with a variety of techincal and managerial expertise at his disposal. I would strongly recommend Damian to any organisation as a huge asset to their business.


  • I've been taking part in an Executive Coaching programme with Damian for ten months. It has been hugely helpful for both my professional and personal development. I was a little skeptical at first as I'm not a natural sharer. However, Damian quickly understood the most effective way to communicate with me enabling me to get the most from the programme and for it to be beneficial and meaningful. On a personal level; in the short term, the time with Damian resulted in a promotion and in the medium/long term, I am becoming far more insightful about how I can be an even more effective Leader.

  • Damian is an inspiring trainer and focused coach. I have been fortunate enough on several occasions to be coached by Damian. He is both challenging and supportive at the same time and has helped me clarify personal and business issues and challenges for me. He has great skills to share and I have been particularly impressed and impacted by his application of NLP to create change in people. I'm very happy to recommend him.


  • Damian is an inspiring Leader, Project Leader and Coach, truly collaborative with an infectious passion for everything he does. An effective influencer, he effortlessly brings team members onboard with a collective goal for delivery. A pleasure to work with.


  • Damian is that rare beast - a person who gives others confidence to believe in themselves.  He was always supportive, constructively critical, and above all made sure that you knew you were doing the right thing, whilst understanding the alternative view.

  • Damian is a great mentor and coach, who I could always turn to for independent, objective advice. Such skills are rare, and I know that my capability developed as a result.


  • I've been fortunate enough to work with Damian over a diverse range of issues both personally and professionally. Damian consistently impresses me with his willingness to step outside of traditional thinking and do whatever needs doing to help achieve amazing results. His sense of fun and boundless energy combined with an incredible understanding of both business and human behaviour; it's a formidable combination. 

  • Damian is a true leader, who inspires, listens, and coaches in a dynamic manner to influence and improve others. He is a great visionary, which allows him to lead projects, individuals and teams. His ability to influence, encourage, and mentor individuals to reach their full potential, and for teams to ‘view out of the box’ strategies, is evident from his years of success. I highly recommend Damian.

  • I have found the sessions with Damian extremely helpful and far more helpful to have over a period rather than one-offs. It takes time to build a relationship with a new Coach but afer a couple of sessions, trust and understanding builds and the conversations are far richer. Damian has really pushed me (in a good way). He is an expert Coach and helped me identify and reframe some of my limiting beliefs.
  • Damian uses stories, metaphor and great questioning techniques to really get under the skin of how I think. He has made sure I recognise and magnify the things I do well as much as focus on areas of development. I feel btter equipped to handle different scenarios at work and in life generally. All in all, a hugely valuable exercise.
  • I have worked with Damian longer than I expected because he provides such solid, useable and practical advice, I would be daft not to. His insight, practicality, creativity and insight to both Coaching, HR, Employment Law and Leadership has proven to be invaluable to me personally and the Bank commercially. What I have learnt is used across my teams and I am now in a position where I am helping others at a senior level across the Bank using what I have learnt from him.
  • Sessions are always strong but light-hearted. I am always clear that there is a return on investment to the session we have and that brings a necessary focus to what we cover. All in all I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Damian to any organisation. 


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